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I was literally almost out of food.

That is not an exaggeration.  I was down to my last few items of food.

Understand, I was accustomed to a 6-figure salary, so the situation I found myself in was foreign to me and very scary.  

Strangely enough I lost a lot of weight.  🙂

So that time of my life wasn't all bad.  Good news is that three years later I've been able to keep the weight off.

Empty Pantry
Empty Fridge

My Dream Was Fading

For the longest time I wanted to create a profitable online business but I just couldn't crack the code.  

I was making some money but just not enough to cover my monthly bills.  I think at the time I was making approximately $500 a month.

This was not going to cut it.

There's a Backstory

It was 2015 and I just got back from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I was working as a Business Consultant and doing well.  

I had been a Business Consultant for the past several years, mostly working Internationally.  I was gone a lot which was very unfortunate because I had a wife and a family. 

My wife got tired of it and when I got home from my last trip she told me she wanted a divorce.

We sold our house and made decent money.  

I left the country for 6 months and traveled around to some very cool locations.  Here's some pictures of locations I went to (click on the picture to enlarge):

Lifestyle Business
Living the Lifestyle by Design
Greg as Lifestyle Entrepreneur

It was at that point I decided to be a digital nomad.  I wanted to create a lifestyle business.

But as you can see my initial attempts were not working.  I was starving! 🙂

My Turning Point

Knowledge is power!

I did a lot of research.  I went back to the basics and told myself to be open to whatever I discovered.

Basically I looked at all of the different types of business models that I could run an online business.

My goal was to stop trading time for money.  I wanted leverage.

What Is Leverage?

The ability to influence a system, or an environment, in a way that multiplies the outcome of one's efforts without a corresponding increase in the consumption of resources. In other words, leverage is the advantageous condition of having a relatively small amount of cost yield a relatively high level of returns. See also financial leverage and operating leverage.

Source:  Business Dictionary

Guess what fits this description?

Digital Products!

You create a solution to a problem and provide it to your target market.  The key is to make it digitally, like a eCourse using videos.

That was my epiphany.  Once I learn that creating products was easy I started making several a year and this created an asset for me and my online business. 

This was leverage - I created a product once and sold it over and over again.

I highly recommend you check out My First Info Product video courseIn fact, if you want a sneak peak of the first video, simply click the graphic below (or the links above)

You First Info Product

Since I've learned that having your own products help create wealth my online business has allowed me to live a life full of excitement, travel and enjoyment.

But I understand your goals may be focused on having a nicer house or car.  That's ok.

By creating your own products will give you the advantage to chase any goal you have. 

Money might not make you happy but it sure does make life better.

Enjoy the site!

Greg Meares

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