Website Speed System I Use

When I first jumped online to make my riches, I put up a website and the furthest thing on my mind was my website speed.

Boy, has things changed.

Isn’t creating a website enough? For some business owners website speed seems like a strange thing to worry about. What i can tell you though is that your website speed affects every metric that you care about.  Search engine ranking, bounce rate, conversions, user retention, and most importantly your revenue.

This excerpt was taking from The Implication of Website Speed in Business — Why Every Second Counts

And recently Google even announced that load speeds on mobile devices will also influence your rankings in the search engine.

In the article below, I'm going to provide a solution for those not wanting to spend countless hours trying to figure out how to optimize their WordPress Blog.

In the video, I will walk you through exactly how I set it up.

This is going to save you hours!

After all, as an online marketer wouldn't you rather spend your time marketing and finding ways to send traffic to your sites?

Here's The Website Speed System I Use

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When I was getting serious about my business and my sites started to generate some money for me, the website speed for my WordPress sites became more of a focus.

I was wondering how much money I was leaving on the table.

So I decided to run speed test for the sites.  The results were shockingly depressing for me.

At that point I knew I had to do some serious optimization.

My first stop was YouTube.  I figured I would watch some videos and follow along.  

Things improved.

But it still wasn't good enough.

So I bought a Udemy course on WordPress optimization.  I learned a lot but still wasn't able to improve my sites to the level I wanted and felt I needed to compete.

But I got lucky.

Website Speed Resources that Have Saved Me Time

First I found an amazing set of tools used for WordPress sites.   It's tagline says Conversion Focused WordPress Themes & Plugins.  If you're trying to market online then this is what you need. 

I ended up buying the annual membership because it comes with use on unlimited sites; I get all the updates; and any new tools or resources released I get for free.

In fact this site is built using them.

The next tool I discovered was the page builder that seamlessly integrated with WordPress but had lightening speed load times.

Both of these combined have literally changed the nature of my online business.

I hope you enjoyed this article.  The tools mentioned offer some serious power at a very reasonable price.  You may want to check them out and spend your time more wisely. 🙂

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To your success!

Greg Meares
Greg Meares

I've never been satisfied with the Status Quo! And that's why I've spent years learning how to live life on my terms.  It's been hard, I will not perfume the pig.  But if you want it, and you should, then you need to make sure you read this blog, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.  If you do, I guarantee you that you will be on your way.  Enjoy!

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